Reviews: Read what it’s like to shoot with me!



“Laura has an amazing eye for photography and design. She has a lovely spirit and energy which allows me to feel extremely comfortable shooting with her. Her ability to capture models in beautifully genuine moments speaks highly of her artistry. She’s professional, fun and will make you feel gorgeous.”

Colleen of @yogafuzn

“Laura has continued to inspire my daughter and I.  We have managed to update our business website on a regular basis with her amazing photos.  To say she has an “eye” for the camera is an understatement.  Inside and out she is beautifully, authentically talented and creative.  We love our photo shoots.”


Laura K

“Laura is a delight to work with as a photographer. She is not only professional but she has this amazing ability to bring out the best in her models. She always helps me to feel comfortable and confident. I absolutely love working with her and it shows in the photos she helps to create!”



“It’s hard to adequately put into words how amazing Laura makes you feel when you shoot with her. No matter how nervous or anxious you are about being in front of the camera, you are instantly at ease around Laura and her incredible energy and smile. She not only makes you feel comfortable and carefree, but happy, beautiful, and incredibly taken care of in her experienced hands. Her photos are perfectly candid, yet her clear, simple direction always ends in a beautiful shot. The experience of working with her is nothing short of magical, and it shows in every photo she takes.”


Genna of @yogafuzn

“Shooting with Laura is easy and fun. I’m not one for photo shoots but for business, content is a MUST. She makes it easy and approachable providing excellent ideas along the way. Shoots with Laura are fun and more important comfortable, she’s professional, organized and always makes you feel good. Love shooting with her, I would highly recommend her to everyone.”

Zoe Brown @thescarletfoxx

“The stories that Laura paints with her lens capture the most beautiful dreamscapes of people and our planet. Her attention to light, color, and movement breathe life into every image, and her ability to find this balance is remarkable. I have had the pleasure of shooting with Laura since 2014 and each time we connect it is full of laughter, creative collaboration, and my favorite photos of all time. I have so much gratitude for this inspiring woman and her ability to see beauty in everything.” 


Fallon @fallonlev

Shooting with Laura is like getting lost in your own world with a supportive and loving magician capturing you in your best light. She has the ability to make you feel calm and confident in the same perfect moment. I also love that she is always down for an adventure, and her mind is constantly brainstorming the next perfect shot. As a photographer, her execution and editing skills are on point. I jump on every opportunity I can, and truly love being on the other side of Laura’s camera. It’s like working with your very own best friend. Always professional, with the perfect dose of giggle. :)


Allie @allie.kirby

Shooting with Laura has gone from a friendly business relationship, to a valued and cherished friendship. Laura is the kind of light you wish to be around. She truly brings out the best in everyone. With no professional modeling background, I was very scared and nervous for my first shoot with Laura. However that quickly melted away the moment I stepped into her studio. The pure warmth and calmness she brings into the room put me at ease and I ended up leaving the shoot feeling more beautiful than ever before. She kindly coaches you through poses and transitions, she encourages you to try new things out of your comfort zone and she simply makes you feel like your most beautiful radiant self! Thank you Laura, I love you dearly!!!


Sarah @highheeledhippy

I have been shooting with Laura for almost 5 years. I am 100% an amateur. I pretty much stand in front of a camera say cheeeeeese while my eye twitches. ( #supercool). Laura never once made me feel anything less than Beyoncé in front of the camera. Somehow she took my awkwardness and would capture pure magic. Laura has a unique talent of knowing YOUR angles. I was always down right shocked at how she could always get the shot. Something I noticed after shooting with Laura a few times was that I looked forward to it. But not just for the rad pictures. It dawned on me that after a shoot with Laura I left feeling empowered. I felt beautiful and confident. She doesn’t say stupid things like oh you look pretty, she grows your confidence but saying damn Sarah you look STRONG. She knows your strengths and weakness almost immediately and teaches you how to work around them.  Shooting with Laura not only produces the most amazing artistic, beautiful shots; but also is like a therapy session.


Christina @stina_mila

Regardless if it is your first time in front of a camera or not, Laura makes you feel at home. There is never a feeling of nervousness because of the light in her personality. She is so unbelievably kind and talented with what she does! I’ve been working with Laura for a few years now and even get taken back with how creative she is and her beautiful eye with the camera.